Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Tree Lighting at Pioneer Square in Portland, OR

Al and Me after the tree was lit. You should have seen the streets and sidewalks in downtown Portland. It was like a mosh pit! Everyone wanted to see the tree lit - including my family and I. It was also my mom's birthday. Happy birthday mom!

Me and Britt

The fam- Britt, Doug, Mom, Al and Me

Mom's birthday too - eating pie after the tree lighting

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Al and I spent our Thanksgiving this year at home with my family in Washington. It was raining...surprise, surprise. ;) It was great to go home and see everyone.

Al and Me taking our picture for our Christmas cards. If you haven't gotten yours yet - this is pretty much what it looks like. ;)

Al and Me

Doug and Mom

Britt, Mom and Me


This was a girl's day out during Thanksgiving break. We went to see the movie "Twilight," which we all loved of course! I have read all the books and strongly recommend reading them if you have not already.
Britt and Me in the theater after the movie

Mom, Britt and Me

Utah vs. BYU Nov. 22, 2008

This is not to boast or brag about beating BYU. This is merely to congratulate Utah on a 12-0 season after their final game against BYU. We are big Utah football fans. Go Utah!

Some of our friends and I on the field afterwards celebrating a 12-0 season.

Al and I after the big win.

Me, Brian Johnson (quarterback for Utah football) and Amber at Skybox after the game.

Carrie Underwood Concert!

November 19th, 2008 - Carrie Underwood Concert

Me and my friend Brittney at the Carrie Underwood concert. Unfortunately, Al had to go on a business trip so he couldn't come with me. This concert was the best concert I've been too. She is by far my favorite singer! She is AMAZINGLY talented!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Joining the blogging world

Hello All,
I have seen quite a few friends blogs for some time now, but have never felt the desire to create a blog. Until now. I read my friend Bethany's blog and firgured it was about time Alan and I created one (thanks for the motivation Beth). What a great way to keep in touch and let our friends and family know what's going on in our world. Plus, how fun it is for me to look at my friends pictures and to read their thoughts. Hopefully, our blog will be as fun and interesting.
Since I am new to this, it may take me a few days (or weeks) to get this up and fully running. I am excited to be starting this though. Thanks to all of you who inspired me to do this. :)