Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve party with Alan's moms side- the Bringhurst/Patton family dinner.

Christmas 2009 with Mili

Mili was SO cute! She picked out presents for Alan, me, and Britt. I told her I was so excited to find out what she got me. She replied, "We got you some gloves!" ;) She then helped me rip open my present. She told Alan, "We got you these baseballs!" They were really Utah golf balls- she just thought they were baseballs. Ha Ha. Alan and I bought her a game and we bought the whole family a telescope because Mili LOVES the planets. Hopefully she will enjoy it over the years. When we handed her, her present, she said, "Oh thank you! I LOVE it! It is sooo BEAUUUUTIFUL!" She said this while hugging it and swinging back and forth. She hadn't even opened it yet. I guess she loved the wrapping paper a lot! Ha Ha!

December 2009 Fun with Mili

Thanksgiving 2009 in Saint George

Pluto Princess & NY Met

Halloween 2009

Halloween Party

Our fourth annual "Aloween" party at the Fagergren cabin in Midway. Lots of fun! Theme: "What Happens in Vegas..."

Halloween Fun At Wheeler Farm

I took Mili to Wheeler Farm to go through the hay maze, pick pumpkins, and ride on the tractor. She loved it!