Monday, May 16, 2011


So I never think that anything really significant or amazing is happening in my life, so much so that I need to blog about it. Today I realized though, that if my attitude continues this way, I may never write on my blog again. Besides, one of my New Years Resolutions (I know, I try not to make them either) was to blog once a week. Nothing fancy- just an update on the lives of Al and myself. So here is the update for last week...

My mom, sister, and I went to Phoenix, Arizona to visit my uncle Brad. We had an amazing time! The weather was in the high 90's and we just laid by the pool all day long. They have an amazing house with a large swimming pool, so everytime we go visit it feels like we're at a spa. They bring us Crystal Light lemonade with fresh lemons they grew in their yard. They make amazing food for every meal, play fun music on their stereo while we lounge by the pool, and make us feel like celebrities. We definitely get the star treatment! Unfortunately, for Al, it was girl's weekend and he wasn't invited. I did miss him dearly. Sometime he has to come to Phoenix to get the royal treatment himself.

Also last Monday, May 9th, my sister and I started graduate school at Westminster College. We are both getting our Master of Art in teaching, with a k-8 teaching license. It's fun having her with me in every class. We have an instant "study buddy" and partner for everything. We had a paper due the first day of class. Got it back- DON'T ask how I did. HOWEVER, we all did poorly and get to resubmit them. The teacher just wanted to get an idea of how we write. I'm on my third or fourth draft after editing and hoping the final version I turn in on Wednesday will blow her socks off! I really want to get straight A's. I don't know what happened in k-12, but I feel like they did not teach English very well. I would even include my undergrad in that statement. I did well on my undergrad papers...grad school is just a whole different level. It's okay though. I'm up for the challenge!

Lastly, Alan had a softball game tonight. They lost, but he played well. He hit a ball into a whole by the fence and got a home run! The other team couldn't get the ball (or catch it for that matter) to get him out. Therefore, nice job baby! Home run!

Oh, and lastly, my sister is getting married! August 13th, 2011 in Salt Lake City. She is marrying a guy named Devin Lanier. He makes her SO happy. If you want to see two people completely in-love and on cloud 9, hang out with them. It's like they're in their own world- no one else exists. I'm happy for them. They should soak this up now because this phase doesn't last. I don't mean that in a bad way sweetie (Al). I love Al more today, now that we've been married for 4 1/2 years, than I did on our wedding day. I think marriage is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It takes effort on both sides, but I love being married to Alan. He is such a blessing in my life. I love you baby! Thanks for putting up with me and being patient with me. XOXO. To everyone else reading this, go tell your spouse how much you love them, appreciate them, and give them a BIG kiss. Be the kind of spouse that is loving, forgiving, and selfless. Focus on making your spouse happy- don't think about yourself. Not trying to preach- just my thoughts...

These pictures are from February, 2011. We went to CA to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. Al and I went to our favorite restaurant in Newport Beach, CA, "The Rusty Pelican."