Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mili's 2nd Birthday

Mili on her second birthday. She looked like a ballerina princess. She was sick with a cold, but in a great mood. She is adorable! Is it weird she isn't my child, but I feel like she is and treat her like she is? I don't care- in my mind, she is my "adopted" daughter.

Celebration Dinner

I won a singer/songwriter contest for the best of the LDS jukebox. I get to have one of my original songs on the "Best of the LDS Jukebox" CD that comes out in spring or summer. I was SO excited to win! I have been trying to make it as a singer for such a long time. I finally feel like I am making progress. This contest definitely helped jump start my career. I also just got asked to perform at a club started by a 106.5 DJ here in Utah. Hurray! So, here Al and I were at a celebration dinner. Thank you everyone for your votes and support on my singing career.

Fun Times with Mili.

Mili is the girl I nanny. What more can I say- except that we have a ton of fun together! This is just a collection of random times together...

Utah Utes football parade day.

Mili loves dressing up in my clothes.

Mili and Ash sledding.

Playdough crowns.

Children's museum.

Al and Mili at the Children's Museum.

New Years Eve 2008

Al and I at the Utes basketball game. Go Utes!

Al and Rob celebrating New Years Eve.

Erin and I celebrating New Years Eve. Look at our home-made virgin strawberry margaritas! So cute- and yummy.

Our cute friends- Rob and Erin.

Al and I ringing in 2009.

Ashleigh's Birthday

Celebrating my 25th birthday at Benihana's (A.K.A. Asian Hooters - The Office).

Our cool Chef.

Half of our friends at my birthday.

The other half of our wonderful friends! Don't Al and I have great friends?! They are so supportive, so nice, and such a joy to be around.

Al and I at "The Cheesecake Factory"- one of my favorite restaurants- for my birthday lunch.

Christmas Eve 2008

Christmas Eve night - trying on our annual Christmas Eve present to each other- pajamas.

My pj's.

Al's pj's.

Here Al and I are taking our annual picture by the Christmas tree. It was 2 years ago, on Christmas Eve 2006, that Al proposed to me. We took a picture by the tree shortly after. Here we are re-enacting the day.
The traditional nativity scene played out from the scriptures. Al's brother, sister in-law and nieces and nephews are playing the roles.

Christmas for Mili

Mili is the little girl I nanny for. Al and I love her like she were our own child. I have been watching her since she was 6 months. She is SO ADORABLE! For Christmas, I went a little overboard for her. Oops!

Here is Al and Mili holding up some of her new presents from us. She loves Sesame Street - especially Ernie and Elmo!

Here I am with Mili, Dan and Sharissa- Mili's parents. They are like my second family; and the best bosses in the world!

Alan's Christmas Work Party

Al and I had fun (or at least I did) getting dressed up for Al's work Christmas party at Snowbird. They had a yummy dinner and dancing at The Cliff Lodge. Plus, they gave us a huge discount on a room for the evening! Quite fun. I LOVE dressing up.
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