Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hello, Again

I realize I am not as savy a blogger as many of my fellow bloggers. I seem to forget I even have a blog, until at some random moment I am reminded of the blogging world. So, here I am once again trying to keep up my blog. Will one of my expert blogging friends please email me how to put a cool template on my blog for the background? Not only am I very bored with the color scheme, it also reminds me what a novice I am at blogging. As you will be able to plainly see when you see my pictures and descriptions out of order. ;)

The few followers I may have following my blog are well aware that I am more a post pictures with small captions blogger. Once again, I have some pictures to show my recent adventures. Can I keep you, Mili? Man, I am so in love with cute little Mili. I so wish she were my daughter!

Mili, Me, and Britt at Wheeler Farm yesterday. The tractor ride is the BEST!

Mili's latest phase is to do imaginary play. She is some character from a book or movie/TV show everyday. However, the characters all seem to be princesses in her eyes. This is the outfit she wore yesterday to Fashion Place Mall and to Wheeler Farm. ;)

I just love these pictures. She has a huge smile on her face because she is playing with "Uncle" Alan.

Summertime swimming with Mili, Al, and Me