Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christmas 2010

Mili is the daughter I've never had and hope and pray I get one day. I love her so much. We have so much fun together. She even has Alan wrapped around her finger. For Christmas this year she told her mom, Sharissa, what she wanted to buy Alan and Me. She chose this AWESOME Lulu Lemon workout jacket which I LOVE! She has amazing taste. I saw this jacket in California and really wanted it, but it was too expensive. How amazing is it that Mili chose it for me without knowing! She also bought me these heart bowls because she told her mom that she didn't think I had any to make cookies with. Ha ha. She and I love to bake.

For Alan, she was determined to get him a FOOD BASKET. She had her mind made up that Alan wanted a basket with food in it. As if that wasn't funny enough, she wanted to fill the basket with salad, carrots, sushi and soy sauce. Sharissa tried to gently persuade her in another direction by telling her that Alan might not like that kind of food. To this she replied, "That's because he doesn't have any. He'd like it if he'd tried it." She is too funny! In the end though, she chose this remote control pillow.

Alan and I bought her everything princess. She is obsessed with the Disney princesses. Her favorites are Belle and Ariel. We got her some princess puzzles, Belle and Ariel pajamas, a kitty statue (another obsession), a Belle look and find book, Beauty and the Beast read a-long book, and I made her the pink and brown skirt in the picture. She picked out the fabric and I sewed it for her in my sewing class. It's only my second project so it isn't perfect, but she doesn't seem to notice it. She loves it because it twirls so well- it's like a princess skirt. ;)

Alan and I also went to Washington for Christmas with my family this year. There are too many pictures to post all of them so that is why I only posted the group shot. It was also my aunt and uncle's 25th wedding anniversary celebration, my birthday December 27th, and my sister went through the Portland, OR temple to receive her endowments. Super busy and so fun to be with family.


The Anderson's said...

Oh my gosh Millie is a doll! She is lucky to have you as her nanny. We totally didn't celebrate your birthday this year like we always do!! Maybe next year...

Kim and Brian said...

Millie is lucky to have you but I'm sure you feel the same about her. We missed you guys this year but it looks like you had a wonderful time. We love you guys!